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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

In the News

It's a strange world after all . . .

When Katie Couric goes around bitch-slapping folks.

Apparently, she has an aversion to the word sputum. I think it's rather a fun and edgy word. Don't you?

More news from New York: an advertisement for bidets, which sported a lovely row of shiny derrieres, has gotten church folk riled. Of course it did. LOL. Personally, I couldn't help comparing my own hiney to those in the ad. I definitely don't measure up. If I could choose, I'd pick #1 or #6, I think.

Finally, we leave the states for news from Paris where the mayor is begging the city to be more polite to tourists. Apparently, their excessive rudeness is hurting tourism. "Frank"ly, I'd put up with a bit of grumpiness in order to visit there. Still, it couldn't hurt for them to turn that frown upsidedown. *snort*

Have a fabulous week, everyone!


  • At 3:11 AM, Blogger KimAmburn said…

    I love the derriere shot! That just cracks me up, pun intended. I'm like you, I'd visit Paris no matter how rude they are. Have a great week - we'll be thinking of you!

  • At 3:20 AM, Blogger Lucy said…

    So it sounds like we're all headed for Paris. :o)

  • At 8:05 AM, Blogger Ellen said…

    Meet you ladies at the Eiffel Tower! :)

  • At 9:26 AM, Anonymous Viv said…

    Your blog always puts a smile on my...face. And speaking of smiles LOL if I could choose, I'd want mine to look like #1. I think it used to a long time ago. A very long time ago. :)


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