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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Where Can I Buy a Mood Ring?

Remember mood rings? Or maybe you weren't born yet. :) Anyway . . .

How much does our mood effect what we read, or even what we write?

The other day, I felt "dark." Don't know why. Perhaps the weather here, which has been snowy, rainy, foggy--all around dreary. So, I stopped in at our local library intent on borrowing an audiobook to "uplift me." A light romance--ala Evanovich or Crusie.

I walked out with the unabridged Bram Stoker's Dracula. Fifteen CD's of darkness. Actually, I've always wanted to read this anyway, since it is a classic. But, it's so . . . dark. And it totally fit my mood that day.

What am I writing now? A dark gothic-style Victorian. Is it the winter that brings this on? I shelved my 1/2 comedic story and moved on to a story that fits my mood and the landscape around me.

What about the rest of you? Does your mood, the weather, your landscape determine what you read or write?


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