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Thursday, February 02, 2006

American Idol (No Moans Allowed)

Okay, maybe a few moans. Look, I'm a dork. I know it. I've accepted it.

I'm sitting here thinking, "What to blog? What to blog?"
Well, days have been humdrum lately with this nasty cold that I can't
seem to shake. I could blog about the very bizarre Nyquil-induced dreams, but I'd be embarrased to relay most of them--in fact, I've begun to question my sanity.

But, we watched the Idol the last 2 nights. It's our family "outing" so to speak. Dh and I and two impressionable kids hear the theme music start and we're there! On the couch, silence until commercials. When it's down to the final 12, we vote, vote, vote! That's when it gets really good.

Yep, all four of us have our favorites each season. Boy always cries when his "horse" doesn't cross the finish line. He's so sensitive, and he invariably roots for the underdog (which means they aren't as talented, in this case) . Dh comments on the performance, then eerily, Simon makes almost the identical comment (with his own nasty punctuation on it). Dh was a music man before he was a computer geek, so I suppose it makes sense. Daughter and I usually like the same people.

No favorites yet this season, as they're still culling the hordes. But, I did shed a tear for the little cowboy teen from Wyoming who'd never been away from his ranch and had only ever sung to his turkey. Boy, was he cute--and had a pretty good voice too. Apparently, folks all over are offering to pay for voice lessons for him, since he is going to Hollywood. With a little training, he might make the final cut.

My question is this: Why do most of these people who audition think they can sing? The answer might be found at Honey's Wacky Wednesday post here.

This might be a comment-free post, because I know that most of you a) don't watch the Idol or b) won't admit that you watch the Idol. :) Who knows, maybe you'll convert. Muwhahahaha!


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