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Monday, August 27, 2007

The Inequity begins

Her: Six pretty highlighter pens

Him: Three ugly ones

Her: Three folders with bright colors and cool designs

Him: Three plain folders that appear to be...brown?

Her: Five cool mini-sharpie pens with rings on the end to hook to a back-pack

Him: None

Her: New pencil sharpener

Him: None

Her: New whiteboard and marker for her locker

Him: None

Okay...both kids got a ton of school supplies (per the school's "list") - nothing like the scant pieces of paper and number 2 pencil we started the school year with. Still, his Dad shopped for "Him" and she shopped for "Herself" and as you can see, things didn't work out. When the inequity was called to account (because siblings can't overlook such injustices), Her only response was "I NEEDED them!" What that really means is that we'll be back at Wally World either returning Her stuff or buying new sharpies, etc. for Him in order to avoid WWIII.

Ever wonder how kids learned anything 100 years ago before solar-powered calculators and washable markers were invented?


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