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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Medal Ceremony

We went to Round Table Pizza the night before last for daughter's medal ceremony. Her 5th grade basketball team won the championship!!! Yay!

So, we're sitting around in the backroom while the coach (one of the girls' dad) talks a bit about each player before giving them their certificate and medal.

Daughter's turn. Coach says that while she has a ways to go, she's the most improved player. That's nice. Then, he talks about how she often rode with them to the Wed. night practices (they had practice 2 nights a week and a game on Saturdays. On Wed., dh was unavailable and I have AG plotting night--so she rode with her friend and coach dad). Anyway--

Coach: You learn a lot about kids when you turn down the radio and listen in on their private conversations.

Me: Uh . . . huh?

Coach: Yea, I overheard a lot about her family.

Me: Uh . . . huh?

Coach: I learned that her older brother is an actor.

Me: Okay. That's okay.

Coach: I learned about . . . certain dreams.

Me: Uh . . . huh?

Coach: Yea, I really learned a few things about her family.

Me: Is there a bathroom around here where I can go hurl? (while the crowd of parents are laughing uproariously at my expense.)

Coach: And, you really know the kid feels comfortable around you when she asks your permission to fart.

Me: That's my girl.

Coach: I, of course, told her "NO."

It's not that we have major secrets in our family. But, it seems to me that exposure should be reciprocal. If you know that I forgot to do laundry last night so my socks don't match today, then I get to know that you eat cereal without milk.

Don't your agree? Embarrasing daily habits should be sacred or shared by all. NO PICKING ON FART GIRL'S FAMILY! LOL!!! :)

Anyway, the championship game was awesome. They won 7 to 5 (Rox made a basket--woohoo!)


  • At 4:34 AM, Blogger Honey said…

    OMG, E! How embarrassing! (Funny, too) Certain dreams, huh? Hope Roxie was okay with the coach sharing all that.

    Woo-hoo! Way to go on the basket! :)

  • At 5:51 AM, Blogger Winter said…

    My oldest twin is prone to the tell all. Better watch him closely.

    Way to go on the basket Rox! Keep it up girl, it's all up hill, but one day you'll start coasting down.

    School sports are great, I have a lot of good memories about it, and some not so very good ones. But they helped shape me into the person I am today!

  • At 8:22 AM, Blogger Ellen said…

    LOL. Yes, Honey, Roxie was fine with it--only I wanted to crawl under the table. :)

    Thanks, W. Roxie claims to want to play b-ball through HS and college. She definitely has a way to go, but I encourage her--if she's into sports, I figure she'll NOT be into other things as easily. :)

  • At 2:07 PM, Blogger Jan Conwell said…

    Go Roxie! I hope she farted anyway.

  • At 6:22 PM, Blogger Kristen said…

    What a girl, E! I'm so tickled for her.

    Eeks, coach needs to learn tact, perhaps?

    Glad to hear her dreams. I hope she soars.

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