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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Dream Alert!

I can't begin to compete with Honey's extraordinary dreams, but I had a few weird ones of my own.

First, I drove a vehicle filled with friends and proceeded to tear up a farmer's land. I don't know why I did it, but we all lived a hotel together, and he came over, stating that he had a tire track to match up to our tires--whoever did it would be caught. I smiled at him, saying "Good. I'm glad you'll find that horrible person." Inside, I calculated how to make my escape before he discovered I was the culprit.

Suddenly, I was in a room with Sam's husband, who looked like a 15-year old Bill Gates (nothing like the pictures I've seen of Mr. Sam). I complained about my husband to him, and he gave me marital advice.

After giving it some thought, I think that the first dream is related to a picture I showed my kids the other night. It's an aerial shot of my grandparents farm, on which my childhood home was built. I showed them the barns, the crop fields, and talked about what it was like growing up there. After my grandmother died, the land was sold and has been developed--looks like a subdivision. I felt depressed about that.

The second dream probably comes from the fact that Sam and Mr. Sam might go on a cruise, something I've begged dh to do, but he has zero interest. LOL.

I also dreamt that my MIL's house came apart between each room, so we had to jump over empty space from floor to floor. I screamed at the family to quickly grab the things most important to my MIL--sentimental stuff, as the house would fall completely soon. Dh says this is because her health is failing and it probably won't be long before she has to come live with us.

Anyway, not the cheeriest of dreams. First, I'm a criminal. Then, I'm an unsatisfied wife. Next, my MIL's world's coming apart at the seams--literally. Our subconscious is so amazing.


  • At 3:06 PM, Blogger Honey said…

    Awesome dreams! Want me to pull out my new nifty dream book and tell you what the "experts" would say about your life?

  • At 3:55 PM, Blogger Ellen said…

    Sure! I'm not afraid you'll tell me I'm a mental case. Really. I'm not. LOL!

  • At 6:10 PM, Blogger Kristen said…

    Wow.. and I thought mine were unusual lately. ;)

    Mruder, mayhem and others that have receded from my brain.

    *Brain currently resemebling swiss cheese, not chard.

    Looking forward to seeing what it all means for you, E.


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