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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Let's talk about shrinkage

Yesterday, I got the most darling pictures of my parents' new puppy -- a teacup size Maltese-Pomeranian mix name Gracie. She's the cutest thing you ever saw, and I'm on the wrong computer, so I can't download the pictures from my email. :(

Anyway, naturally, I called each family member in the office to duly ooh and ahh over the puppy, which they did. And then after a moment, dh said, "Why is it that as people get older, their dogs shrink?"


"Their dogs are getting smaller."

Hmm...let's see....

When I was a kid, Dad started us on a Saint Bernard.

Then we moved on to a quite large version of a cockapoo.

Then we had a series of beagles.

Then dad and stepmom had sweet, sweet Kelly, a Maltese.

And finally their Pomeranian-Maltese puppy in a teacup.

This was the closest thing I could find to the darling -- it's on a mouse pad, which is appropriate since she's about as big as a mouse. LOL.

Sorry Dad and Lynda, she really is sweet. But I think dh might have a point. Your dogs are shrinking. :)

Have your animals gotten bigger or smaller? What about you? I'm definitely shrinking.


  • At 6:56 AM, Blogger montster said…

    Ellen, every thing shrinks as you get older!!! And I mean everything, plus it becomes easeier to take care of like cleaning up waste, getting someome to watch them, sheddding. As one gets older they choose the path of least resisitance. It is the american old persons way!!

  • At 7:02 AM, Blogger Ellen said…

    True, Dad. LOL.

    Oh, I should've added that you travel by car a lot, so the smaller dogs are easier to take along. At least, that's your story and you're sticking to it. :)

  • At 8:04 AM, Blogger Honey said…

    Heh. I wish I was shrinking. :)

    Such cute dogs. Since we've only just begun the pet parade, it's too soon to say. But I'll drop back by in 20 years or so with a comment. ;)

  • At 9:37 AM, Blogger Kristen said…

    Small to large. Sigh. Then smaller and then wider. ;)

    Always a small dog person, then upgraded until we had the Akita and then down to the flat coat retriever/border collie blend, toss in one King Charles and viola..smallerish again.

    We won't talk about the 30 pound cats. ;)

  • At 9:56 AM, Blogger Ellen said…

    LOL -- I wonder if cats can be considered small when they're 30 pounds. :) I'd forgotten about your Akita, K -- pretty dog.

    H, I wish I was shrinking too (in that direction). *sigh* I'm just getting shorter, which distributes the weight more...yuckily. Is that a word? LOL.

  • At 10:31 AM, Blogger Lillian Feisty said…

    Too, funny, Ellen! Well, I have 3 dogs of all sizes. What does that mean?

    Oh, for the fabio link, try this:


  • At 10:35 AM, Blogger Lucy said…

    Well, my first dog as an adult was a doberman, followed by a cocker spaniel and irish setter (for a while I had all three of these dogs). I followed that up with another doberman, lab and blue heeler.

    I guess I'm a big dog kind of girl. :o)

  • At 11:20 AM, Blogger Ellen said…

    I think there should be psychological research done about people and the size of their pets. LOL. I wonder what it means that I love the hermit crab?

    Lillian, still no sound--I can get the video, but I think I need to push a button on the laptop for the sound, and the buttons that have audio pics on them aren't working. I kindof get the feel for it though. LOL.

  • At 1:31 PM, Blogger Aura said…

    My cats all seem to stay about the same size... the size of a pain in the neck! LOL

    But there may be something to your theory E!

  • At 6:05 PM, Blogger Lucy said…

    You know though, my dogs have all picked me (seriously) so it might not be an accurate test.

    But then again, I think I would pick a big dog, if given the choice. So maybe it would be accurate. :o)


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